Why it's hard not to like the guy who scammed Harvard

Huffington Post college editor Leah Finnegan calls Adam Wheeler -- the student who got into Harvard by lying -- a modern folk hero:

Getting into college is a ridiculous circus and becoming worse. Enter into any upper-to-middle class enclave from December to May and it will be the talk of the strip mall: Who got in where? What did he do? ...  It's way. Too. Much. This is why Adam Wheeler is a true hero of college admissions. ... Adam Wheeler challenged the admissions gods and won.

And Joan Vennochi chimes in today in the Boston Globe, taking a poke at the school:

Adam Butler Wheeler did his homework better than Harvard did. ... Harvard was exposed as well, as an institution easily fooled by what amounted to a caricature of an overly precious applicant.

(Yeah, I have to say I feel a little Schadenfreude for that place.)

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