How can Minnesota colleges monitor disruptive students?

MPR's Tim Post has this piece on how Minnesota colleges and universities approach the tough task of monitoring disruptive, potentially violent students. It's a tough job, they say, dealing with a student who seems menacing but who has made not threats. (That's echoed in this New York Times piece and Huffington Post piece on the Arizona shooter and how colleges handle unstable students.)

Inver Hills Community College has this approach, Post reports:

At Inver Hills Community College in Inver Grove Heights, a team of school leaders pieces together incidents from across campus to see if they indicate a student has bigger problems, said Barbara Read, the college's vice president for student affairs.

"This is for those cases where a student may have an outburst in a secretary's office on one side of campus, but then soon after they have an altercation with a student or an argument with a student, or then they write something in an English journal that's disturbing," she said.

You can read the full story and listen to the audio here.

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