Why all that feel-good admissions stuff you hear is B.S.

The right fit?

Home away from home?

Kindred spirits?


In the vein of the last less-than-uplifting admissions post, Tom Bartlett of the Chronicle of Higher Education reports on a depressing report on how investment banks and other firms recruit only from certain Ivy League schools -- sorry, Brown and MIT -- and look at cool extracurricular activities more than GPA:

You also can’t read this study without getting the feeling that the game is rigged. That obtaining a name-brand diploma matters more than actually learning something. That the gatekeepers at our nation’s most prestigious firms are pathetically shallow, outrageously parochial, and insufferably snobbish. The message is this:

It’s not what you did in college. It’s where you got in.

Lehman Brothers and Arthur Andersen, anyone?

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