MCTC professor sees new zodiac sign

I usually hear about this stuff coming out of universities.

But City College News reports that  Minneapolis Community and Technical College astronomy professor Parke Kunkle has discovered (?) a new astrological sign -- Ophiuchus (Nov. 29 - Dec. 17) and has caused a bit of a ruckus in the blogosphere.

The paper explains the new sign:

Due to the differences between the axis of Earth’s orbit in the past 5,000 years, Kunkle and the Minnesota Planetarium Society say the current Zodiac system needs changing. The sign, Ophiuchus is between Scorpio and Sagittarius near the end of the calendar.

The story seems to have originated in the Star Tribune, and has been picked up by CNN, Huffington Post and others. Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got in on the act. Some accounts urge everyone to calm down, as the change doesn't affect the Western zodiac we all know.

Before you keep reading ...

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