Video: COPS comes to campus with Campus PD

Can't get enough of those news reports of the latest campus crime or drunken college student  behavior?

Check out Campus PD, the collegiate version of the reality show Cops.

It's a little over a year old -- its third season was scheduled to start this month -- and the Web site bills it like this:

From policing parties and security issues, to keeping the peace at sports events and arresting possible suspects, ride with the Campus PD as they tackle the ongoing challenge of keeping students safe. Depicting university life from the perspective of the law enforcement professionals who police them, this ground-breaking new series presents a real-life account of these modern-day campus heroes. As they gear up for a shift, these courageous cops know they’re in for a few surprises!

For a taste, I've posted a trailer for a season of the series above, and an episode about students reacting to a campus preacher -- along with commentary from the police officer who has to deal with it.

(The cleavage shots don't get any racier than what you see below.)

Before you keep reading ...

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