Will the mailed puppy story end after today’s lottery?

The real question of the day is not which lucky animal lover will get to adopt Guess, the schnauzer-poodle snatched from the jaws of postal death by workers who spotted him en route to Georgia in a sealed box.

No the real question is if news coverage about this puppy is finally over today.

Everyone loves a cute animal story with a happy ending - particularly when it involves a rescue, and fodder for universal finger-pointing (What kind of person mails a puppy! Killing in self defense justified? Maybe. Mailing a puppy? Never.)

Unless Guess alerts police to a boy in a well, or solves the state budget crisis - there doesn't seem to be much more to report after announcing the winner of today's drawing in Minneapolis. One can only hope a dog that people line up to adopt will have the best shot at a post-postal incident life. End of story...or at the very least until the anniversary of the adoption of Guess.

Anyone else had enough of Guess?

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