The states with the highest tuition increases

Now that Minnesota legislators have proposed limits on how much students' tuition could increase over the next biennium -- generally 2-5 percent depending on the institution -- let's take a look at a dozen colleges on The Huffington Post's list of the states with the highest proposed increases.

(State legislators have warned that without the tuition caps, Minnesota state tuition at many institutions could climb into the double digits. Higher ed officials say, however, that the caps will cut off more funding and erode the quality of education.)

  1. Iowa: 5-40%

  2. Wisconsin: 20%

  3. Arizona: 15-19.7%

  4. Georgia: 16%

  5. Florida: 15%

  6. Utah: 5-11.8%

  7. Washington: 10.8%

  8. Mississippi: 4-9%

  9. New Mexico: 8.6%

  10. California: 8%

  11. Illinois: 6.9%

  12. North Carolina: 6.8%

Read the article here for more details on the tuition hikes.

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