Regent/instructor Sviggum pondering future

MPR Photo / Tim Pugmire

Decisions, decisions.

Now that the University of Minnesota Board of Regents has ruled that recently appointed trustee Steve Sviggum faces a conflict of interest if he remains both regent and Humphrey School instructor, Sviggum has a choice to make, MPR's Tim Post reports.

We should hear within a few days which position Sviggum will resign -- the $80,000-per-year half-time job at the U, or the six-year unpaid but prestigious slot on the board.

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Post quotes Chairman Clyde Allen on Sviggum's case:

"We have not had to deal with that question before. This was a messy way to deal with it, [and] it ought to be clear whether an employee can be a regent or not."

Read Post's full report -- and listen to the audio -- here.