Notes in the Margins: Suicides, payment plans and B-school apathy

Thousands protest at Cal State At all 23 campuses, students and faculty denounce cuts to higher education. (Los Angeles Times)

Syracuse prof: Harvard Admits Record Number of Black Students: But What About the Faculty? Even though the presence of black students is very important to a campus, the reality is that admitting students of color neither requires significant courage nor shows any real sign of meaningful progress when it comes to truly shaping the direction of a university. The holy grail of power in any academic environment is the number of tenured faculty positions, which Harvard continues to keep African Americans from obtaining. (The Huffington Post)

For some students: No repayment plan, no loan Starting next fall, students at a Virginia community college who want the college to certify their eligibility for student loans must complete personal budget worksheets, outlining a "realistic picture of their financial situation" both before and after graduation, and a student loan repayment plan estimating how their monthly payments fit into those budgets. (USA Today)

The Default Major: Skating Through B-School Business majors spend less time preparing for class than do students in any other broad field, according to the most recent National Survey of Student Engagement: nearly half of seniors majoring in business say they spend fewer than 11 hours a week studying outside class. (The New York Times)

Student Suicides Lead To Soul-Searching In South Korea Recent suicides at a South Korean university that aspires to be a local version of America's vaunted Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the suicides have jolted the nation and left many wondering if South Korean society's unabashed pursuit of overachievement has gone too far. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)

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