St. Cloud student: Top 10 things profs should know

Emily Peterson, editor-in-chief of St. Cloud State's University Chronicle student paper, has come up with Top 10 things professors should know.

Here's an abbreviated list:

1. We don’t care about your political affiliation. There are far too many professors who blast their political views when it is completely unnecessary.

2. Some students, believe it or not, want to learn. Do not conduct lectures under the assumption that we don’t care about the material.

3. We know what it is like to be tired. Please do not walk into class eight minutes late yawning with your fresh latte in hand as if you are the only one to experience the phenomenon of fatigue.

4. You should let us know if classes are cancelled. When I was a post-secondary student, I drove from Becker to St. Cloud several times to have class canceled without warning. Show up!

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5. I have irritation with professors who have the “automatic fail” policy. If students can miss class and keep up with the material, develop their own thoughts about the material and perform well, let them be.

6. Challenges are good. The best professors I have had were the ones who did not hesitate to challenge me.

7. Your class is not the most important class we will take. With No. 6 in mind, do not get carried away.

8. Many of us gain experience elsewhere. Closely related to the point above, it is important to remember a lot of students are involved with student organizations related to their area of study.

9. Remember, this is your job. Even if you do not like students, one would think you should take pride in your profession. That involves being an active professor.

10. We do not like mean people. I have had professors who yell at students when they ask to clarify concepts and take it personally when what they say is challenged.