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List of proposed constitutional amendments

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Legislators have introduced a flurry of proposed constitutional amendments at the State Capitol this year. Below is a list divided by House and Senate. You'll notice that many of the bills have versions circulating in both the House and Senate.

House proposed constitutional amendments:

HF1666 — Retention elections for judges proposed, judicial performance evaluation commission created, money appropriated and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1662 — Voters required to present photographic identification, photographic identification provided to voters at no charge, equal verification standards required for all voters, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1661 — Level of budgeted spending limited to 98 percent of the amount forecast to be collected in the biennium, and constitutional amendment proposed. 

HF1615 — Marriage recognized as only a union between one man and one woman, and constitutional amendment proposed. (There are several similar versions of this bill.)

HF1612 — Budgeted spending limited to the amount collected in prior biennium, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1598 — Three-fifths vote required to enact a law imposing or increasing certain taxes and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1154 — Single member district office, executive officer, judge, senator or representative election by a majority of the votes cast at the general election for the office provided for, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1132 — Legislator salary authorization council established, Compensation Council composition changed, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF1013 — State legislator term limits provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0914 — Defining the term "person," and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0544 — Standing appropriation forbidden and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0507 — Agricultural land, nonhomesteaded, noncommercial real property owners, and small business property owners allowed to vote on bonding and property tax questions where the property is located; implementing language provided; and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0430 — Right of individuals to keep and bear arms provided, and constitutional amendment proposed. (There are two similar bills on this topic.)

HF0365 — Education of young children through age five provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0296 — Lieutenant governor office abolished, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0187 — Legislative temporary successors provided for members called into active military service, and constitutional amendment proposed.

HF0065 — Freedom of employment constitutional amendment proposed.

Senate proposed constitutional amendments:

SF0012 — Constitutional amendment for term limits for state legislators.

SF0140 — Constitutional amendment for temporary successors to members of the legislature called into active military service.

SF1384 — Constitutional amendment to require a three-fifths vote to enact a law imposing or increasing certain taxes.

SF1383 — Constitutional amendment to limit the level of budgeted spending to 98 percent of the amount forecast to be collected in the biennium. (There are several similar versions of this bill.)

SF1364 — Constitutional amendment to limit the level of budgeted spending to revenue received in prior biennium.

SF1308 — Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as union between a man and a woman. (There are several similar versions of this bill.)

SF0889 — Constitutional amendment for agricultural land, nonhomesteaded, noncommercial real property owners and small business property owners to vote on local levies and referendums.

SF0868 — Constitutional amendment for longer legislative member terms.

SF0807 — Constitutional amendment for staggered terms for state senators.

SF0683 — Constitutional amendment to define person to mean natural person.