Why running a Winona State off-campus bookstore is tough

When I was in college, I often bought from an off-campus bookstore (which was called just that) instead of the campus shop because of the savings and convenience. It mostly dealt in used books, and was right near my dorm.

I figured such stores might be hit by the Internet, but it looks like one, Warrior Textbooks, has just opened by Winona State University. It'll even start renting texts soon.

It's not an easy biz, as Book Shelf store owner Chris Livingston told the Winona Daily News. He had to end his used-textbook service after two years because his small shop couldn't really afford to stock the wide variety of titles needed in Winona State classes.

He tells the paper:

"If (Warrior Textbooks) have enough money to purchase all of the books, they'll have a better shot of making it work."

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