State starts sending out layoff notices

The state of Minnesota will start sending out layoff notices to nearly 36,000 state employees on Wednesday in preparation for a state government shutdown.

Minnesota Management and Budget said it will notify 800 members of the Minnesota Law Enforcement Association this week that they could be laid off on July 1 if Gov. Mark Dayton and the Legislature fail to pass a two-year budget.

Finance officials say they will send out another 35,000 layoff notices state workers on June 10. The notices will be sent to every state employee, but some of those workers will be required to continue their duties if a judge deems their work "essential."

Dayton and the Legislature are at odds over the best way to erase a $5 billion projected budget deficit. Dayton wants to raise income taxes on Minnesota's top earners to erase part of the deficit. Republicans say they can balance the budget through spending cuts alone.

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