Unspecified terrorist threat at MSU-Mankato

This from KSTP:

The Minnesota State University Mankato issued a safety alert Tuesday after receiving (an unspecified) terrorist threat.

The threat was received via e-mail and was extremely brief saying very little about what, when or where an attack may happen.

The university believes that this person is not a student or affiliated with the institution in anyway. Their IT services are working to located where the person is from the e-mail address.

Campus police contacted Mankato police, who in turn also contacted federal officials. Mankato police are currently investigating.

You can read the rest here.

MPR news intern Alison Dirr reports that the threat comes during the campus summer session, which enrolls 400 to 600 students. In the mornings, 200 students at most are on campus.

The university is not releasing the contents of the email, but said authorities are trying to identify the sender based on part of a name affiliated with the e-mail address.

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