Hamline University's new song

Hamline University has a new song: "Promise in the Sound" by music professor Ed Marcus, who wrote the music and composed the music.

Check it out as it's performed by the university's A Capella Choir.

Lyrics from its YouTube site:


There Is promise In the sound from nearby Lake Itasca start

the Mississippi waters, near to Hamline, home to Minnesota's sons and daughters.

With budding strength, the river winds near Hamline's honored ground.

There is power in the current, there is promise in the sound.

And as the waters, starting small, enhance with miles flowing, so we forge our futures bright with knowledge ever growing.

With knowledge ever growing, ours is not the water's path, pulled by unseen forces, hapless, helpless, churned in wrath.

Instead we are as pioneers who ford the mighty stream, using skill and wisdom to fulfill a lofty dream.

And like that glorious river our potential is profound. There is power in the current, there is promise in the sound.

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