Living in a college library — desperation or a stunt?

Remember Steve Stanzak, a.k.a. "Bobst Boy," who in 2004 as a New York University sophomore spent the year in the university's Bobst Library?

He's got a copycat -- or a wannabe, however you want to look at it.

New York University rising sophomore Taylor Myers recently spent five days there and made a student movie about it, Campus Beat reports. The aspiring actor has financial issues of his own, and so has becomes the latest American student, it seems, to take drastic action.

He said he plans to live all of next year in the library if his financial situation changes. It's an interesting concept, though he might generate a little more sympathy from me if he didn't seem such a poster boy for The Entitled Generation. He exclaims in the video about his desire to be an actor:

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"F-ck safe ideas. Do what makes you pleased. Do whatever your heart tells you to do."

Which is great. But can he do what makes him pleased -- on his own dime?

As one commenter noted:

NYU is an incredibly expensive school. This sounds like a case of poor planning, the bane of any college experience.

Why isn’t he in community college closer to home so he can help his Mom with medical issues and the rest of his siblings as they struggle?