Carleton College is a nerd magnet

Northfield must be a regular Nerdfest. The video above is apparently just one thing that illustrates why Carleton College has made The Huffington Post's list of nerdiest colleges.

(That's pretty nerdy, considering that the list is dominated by tech schools.)

Here's what the Post has to say about Carleton:

In response to the question "What are some stereotypes about Carleton College students?", one student reviewer replied, "We are nerdy, we love frisbee, and we are generally less good-looking." Are the stereotypes accurate? "Generally," The student replied, "We have 1.9 frisbees per student, we are definitely nerdy, and we don't have much time to make ourselves look good." Offbeat organizations like the Mustache Club--for students who have a mustache or are willing to don a fake one periodically (screw the gender binary!)--exemplify the kind of extra-extracurriculars that Carleton co-eds partake in. Another perfect illustration of the typical Carleton brand of nerdom is"Daft Hands," a YouTube video made by a student that has received over 50 million hits.

And here's what someone wrote in the comments section. (Oh yeah, I remember this reference.)

If you have any doubt that Carleton is nerdy, check out this link: . A student turned the Goodsell building into a giant R2D2 last year as a prank.

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