Notes in the Margins: Grad salaries, grants, and people skills for MDs

Colleges replacing loans with no-pay grants for neediest students More than 70 colleges have replaced loans with grants in financial aid awards, at least for their neediest students, a wave of largess that spread nationwide in 2007 and 2008. Now, some of the first students to benefit are graduating, often debt-free. (The Washington Post)

College grads’ salary offers up 4.8% Employers have loosened the purse strings for this year’s crop of college graduates.The average starting salary offer to the Class of 2011 rose 4.8 percent to $51,018, compared with offers extended to the Class of 2010, according to the latest survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Holy Names offers admission without taking SAT How many kids would be tempted to go to college if they didn't have to take the SAT and if, by ninth grade, they were guaranteed admission as long as they kept up a B-minus average in high school? Oh - and no college application essay would be required. (San Francisco Chronicle via University Business)

Former Baltimore International president sues college for $5 million The former president is suing the embattled culinary and hospitality school for $5 million, contending that he is not receiving agreed-upon retirement benefits. The lawsuit comes at a time when the school is fighting to stay open. Its loss of accreditation would leave the college unable to receive federal financial aid, a vital source of revenue. The college's difficulties with the accreditation agency began under Chylinski's watch. (The Baltimore Sun)

Doctors Inc.: New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test A new admission process at medical schools involves a series of encounters meant to examine aspiring doctors’ ability to communicate and work in teams. (The New York Times)

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