Documentary: What to do about America's college drop-out problem

American RadioWorks, the esteemed documentary arm of MPR's parent company, has a great new audio and Web series out called "Tomorrow's College," and has just released the first installment, "Some College, No Degree."

Its intro:

Why So Many Americans Drop Out of College, and What to Do About It

More people are going to college than ever before. But in the United States, about half the people who start don't finish. There are 37 million Americans with some college credits but no degree - more than 20 percent of the working-age population. In an economy that increasingly demands workers with knowledge and skills, many college dropouts are being left behind.

It has several sections:

  • Getting Back to College

  • The Value of a College Degree

  • Quitting College

  • Another Kind of Higher Education

Installments coming soon will be "Don't Lecture Me," (a look at teaching methods -- Sept. 1), and "Who Needs an English Major?" (a look at the liberal arts -- Sept. 8). Rich material here. Check it out.

Before you keep reading ...

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