The 5 most interesting courses at St. Cloud State University

University Chronicle writer Sydney Thompson lists the Top 5 fascinating classes at St. Cloud State University:

  • You, Your iPod — Whose story? "Want to learn about the effects of pop culture and the use of electronic devices? The Honors Department offers this class."

  • Study of Lord of the Rings "English Department offered this class in the past and I heard most people failed it. I guess the students just couldn’t keep up with the details of the movie."

  • Death, Dying, and the Quality of Life "I took this class through the Honors Department Spring 2010. The class talked about death relating to war, religion, and euthanasia. This class is also available to general students through the Psychology program. The class was fascinating, however, depressing as well."

  • Philosophy after Graduation "Preparing to integrate philosophy into life after graduation. This actually sounds pretty interesting."

  • Wrist and Hand Complications due to Cycling "Physical Education and Sport Science program offers this class. I want to know what I can do to prevent wrist complications because I ride my bike around campus a lot."

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