Photos: BWCA firefighting grows more complex

On the fireline
1 On the fireline 
Scorched wilderness
2 Scorched wilderness 
Mapping the fire
3 Mapping the fire 
Bob Sandman, Incident Commander
4 Bob Sandman, Incident Commander 
Isabella residents
5 Isabella residents 
Burned wilderness
6 Burned wilderness 
Burned pine cone
7 Burned pine cone 
Canoe training
8 Canoe training 
Fighting the Pagami Creek Fire
9 Fighting the Pagami Creek Fire 
Dayton, Cravaack, Klobuchar, Franken
10 Dayton, Cravaack, Klobuchar, Franken 
View from Insula
11 View from Insula 
Smoke plumes
12 Smoke plumes 
Smoke plumes
13 Smoke plumes 
White Iron Lake
14 White Iron Lake 
15 Clouds