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Bachmann takes second place in the Midwest Leadership Conference poll

Rep. Michele Bachmann has taken a distant second place in the Midwest Leadership Conference straw poll.

Herman Cain captured 52.6 percent of the vote followed by Bachmann with 12.2 percent and Mitt Romney at 11.1 percent.

The poll was conducted during a gathering in Bloomington of Republican leaders and activists from around the region.

Earlier this year, Bachmann won a straw poll sponsored by the Minnesota Republican Party.

Ron Paul, who won the Values Voters poll with 37 percent of the vote, captured 10.7 percent at the Midwest Leadership Conference. Perry secured 4 percent, Newt Gingrich captured 3.3 percent, Rick Santorum got 2 percent, Jon Huntsman had 0.9 percent and Gary Johnson got 0.2 percent.