Notes in the Margins: College students protest nationally, UMN protest fizzles and colleges consider asking students' sexual orientation

College students echo Occupy Wall Street with protests Anger at high tuition bills and a lack of jobs propelled U.S. college students into streets and quadrangles on Thursday in the latest offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. (Reuters)

Few UMN students turn out for Occupy Colleges march The Occupy Colleges movement — one of the largest student protests to hit campuses across the country in decades — didn’t resonate with University of Minnesota students on Thursday. (Minnesota Daily)

Most colleges not ready to ask about LGBT status Advocates say that besides being a recruiting tool to help diversify campuses, openly assessing a school’s LGBT population would make colleges more aware of needs such as finding tolerant roommates and providing appropriate health care. And it would send a positive message to prospective students who may have faced discrimination in high school. (Chicago Sun Times)

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