What the Mankato paper had to say about MnSCU's Rosenstone

In light of today's inauguration of Steven Rosenstone as chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system, here are some snippets from this weekend's editorial on Rosenstone by The Free Press of Mankato.

The paper sounds impressed with his call for streamlining and stronger cooperation with Minnesota business:


Rosenstone, who met recently with The Free Press editorial board, showed he is willing to face the challenges and criticisms of MnSCU. ...

Rosenstone said he wants a central office that assists campuses when needed and where it makes sense, but otherwise allows presidents and campuses to be more entrepreneurial and nimble to meet the needs of their students and their area’s economy. ...

Rosenstone wants to waste no time in developing concrete plans for change, saying a set of goals will be worked out in 90 days and implementation beginning in 120 days. The chancellor is correctly focusing on how two-year colleges and four-year universities can better prepare students to enter the Minnesota work force. ...

Rosenstone appears to be just the right person for the job. His command of the issues, understanding of MnSCU’s weaknesses and framework for moving forward are just what the system — and the state — need.

Read the full editorial here.

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