Have St. Thomas students finally pushed the limit on partying?

“I think that everyone is getting tired of getting house complaints. My bosses are tired of hearing complaints. The city council is starting to get tired of hearing it. ... The behavior was outrageous and sad. A number of people have complained to me about the behavior of people that were wearing purple: being noisy, rude, profane, and disruptive. I know that in my 14 years here that this past Tommie-Johnnie weekend marks the most significant negative reaction I’ve received by far. ... It was a sad weekend as far as I’m concerned. I am glad we won the football game, but the fallout from that event is something that my office will deal with for months to come.”

-- St. Thomas Neighborhood Liaison John Hershey on the problems caused by rowdy University of St. Thomas students after the recent football game against rival St. John's University.

The result, the article reports, is that local police might be bearing down this year.

Read the full TommieMedia article here.

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