Notes in the Margins: Preachers, tailgating and the National Merit Scholarship

College Students On Occupy Wall Street: Why We Are -- Or Are Not -- Occupying Seven students share their reasoning for abstaining from the protests, while one gives his stirring reason for participating in the occupation. (The Huffington Post)

College football and tailgating slowly go green The Environmental Protection Agency is encouraging schools to make college football and tailgating less wasteful. (The Washington Post)

Campus preachers a controversial staple at colleges nationwide Campus preachers have become notorious on college campuses, and are being increasingly questioned by students. (USA Today)

NYU Exiting National Merit Scholarship New York University pulled out of the National Merit scholarships, becoming at least the ninth school to stop funding one of the largest U.S. merit-based aid programs, because it doesn’t want to reward students based on a standardized test. (Bloomberg)

Envisioning University of Future, in Person or Online A conference in Madrid ponders an era of escalating costs and ever-increasing mobility, predicting that the duration of academic programs would shrink and that huge classrooms will become less the norm. (The New York Times)

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