Notes in the Margins: South Korea, aid fraud and courting two-year students

In South Korea, too many college grads, too few jobs Americans who deem South Korea’s education system a model (President Obama, among others) might be surprised at one message leaders here are delivering to their youth: Drop out, please. (The Washington Post)

Occupy movement now reaching students in remote corners of U.S. Metropolitan hubs such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago have broadened the movement that began in New York City. Now the movement has seeped into even the most remote, unsuspecting corners of the country. (USA Today)

Education Dept. issues ‘urgent’ warning about aid fraud in distance learning programs  The Education Department sent out a letter late Thursday to institutions of higher education that provides specific details about “fraud rings” that conspire to defraud Title IV, or student aid, programs by signing up for distance learning. (The Washington Post)

UC's new admissions rules confuse applicants A major change in freshman admission requirements for the University of California this year was supposed to ease the burden of standardized test-taking for high school seniors and allow more students to apply. (Los Angeles Times)

Four-year schools courting community college graduates Local community colleges say more four-year schools are sending representatives to their transfer days, at which students are given information and help moving from one school to the next. (The Baltimore Sun via University Business)

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