Notes in the Margins: Regulated tuition, deceptive law schools and a cruise ship

Law schools pressed to tell the truth on job placement, debt The American Bar Association and 200 law schools it accredits are under growing pressure from Congress to quell complaints that colleges are misleading students about job prospects and saddling graduates with loans they can't afford to repay. (USA Today)

Death on Notre Dame lift spurs schools to action  Colleges across the country have tightened their use of aerial lifts — or outright eliminated them — a year after a University of Notre Dame student was killed when wind gusts toppled the lift where he was filming football practice. (Associated Press via NAICU)

Why College Tuition Should Be Regulated Forget about student loan repayment caps and tuition price calculators. It's time for the government to rein in the soaring costs of higher education. (Time via University Business)

Alabama student’s ‘social media blackout’: Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, Skype The roughly weeklong “social media blackout” carried out by the University of Alabama student earlier this semester was an attempt to determine his own– and society’s– level of social media addiction. (USA Today)

St. Mary’s College to put displaced students on a cruise ship An outbreak of mold at St. Mary’s College of Maryland this fall presented a logistical nightmare: There was nowhere to put the students. Hotels are scarce around the remote campus. Then, an alumnus of this sailing-intensive school had an idea: Put them in a cruise ship. The Sea Voyager, described on this Web site as having three bars, a restaurant and a gift shop, was on the block, and it was being moved from Maine to Virginia. (The Washington Post)

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