Notes in the Margins: Israel, criminal loan debt and defunding higher ed

The Curricular Dimension of De-funding Public Higher Education General education takes time and money. As legislators shift the burden to students, they have sought to bypass general education requirements to make college degrees cheaper, faster to obtain, narrower in focus, and geared more directly to vocational training. (Restructuring Public Hi Ed)

Should Student Loan Debt Be a Crime? I am calling a system that allows people who are not legally old enough to drink, to incur endless amounts of debt on a choice that they may have second thoughts about shortly after making it, questionable, and borderline criminal. (The Huffington Post)

Is 'death to Israel' shout appropriate at campus lecture? A professor at Kent State University last week set off a debate over appropriate and inappropriate ways to express views when he shouted "death to Israel" during the question period of a lecture by an Israeli diplomat. (USA Today)

'My students make twice my salary' Jim Stout, an English professor at Williston State College in Williston N.D., started losing some of his best students to the oil fields last year. It was too hard to compete: The students could either spend thousands of dollars on a college education or earn $100,000 a year working on the rigs, performing maintenance on oil wells or driving trucks. (CNNMoney)

Taking advantage of new student loan assistance The Obama administration unveiled a plan to help borrowers with student loans, but some of the most desperate borrowers won't benefit. (USA Today)

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