Which majors provide the least and most job security?

We've seen numerous articles about the hottest majors -- those most in demand at the moment, or those that pay the best.

This interactive Wall Street Journal chart, based on data from a recent Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce report, shows which college majors tend to have the highest and lowest unemployment rates.

(I stumbled upon it after reading this article in The Lookout news blog.)

Above are the 25 with the worst unemployment rates.

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Granted, I'm assuming we need to take this data with the caveat that we're looking only at degrees, and that those majoring in one area might end up working in another.

Check out some of these high-unemployment entries: Military technology? International business? Computer administration management and security?

Play with the full interactive WSJ chart here.

And here are the top 25 in terms of job security:


For all you following the education-restructuring debates: Notice #3.