Notes in the Margins: Band lyrics, pepper spray and a work-centered culture

Americans Need More Work And Less College If the United States is really serious about competing with the work-centered countries of Asia, the key lies not in more government programs, but in restoring America’s own work-centered culture. The first step toward accomplishing this is to end the over-subsidization of higher education, which creates incentives for many to postpone work. (Forbes via University Business)

IU giving painting back to Germans Indiana University will return a painting depicting the flagellation of Christ to the Berlin palace where it disappeared in 1945. (Associated Press via University Business)

Lyrics Briefly Draw a Penalty After a Columbia Loss The history of university band mischief is long and colorful, stretching back to the irreverence of the 1960s. In some of the most notable instances, bands have staged a tribute to birth control, mimicked the napalming of a Cambodian village, ridiculed the spotted owl controversy in Oregon and made fun of Notre Dame’s Catholicism by dressing the drum major in a habit and using a cross as a baton. (The New York Times)

Three American students arrested in Cairo as unrest enters 4th day The state television broadcast said the arrested Americans were accused of throwing flaming canisters and Molotov cocktails at Egyptian security forces, part of what Egypt’s military generals are calling foreign efforts to stir the anti-government protests. (The Washington Post)

College tries to defuse Occupy pepper-spraying backlash As outrage mounted over police use of pepper spray on nonviolent student demonstrators at the University of California-Davis, the campus' embattled chancellor apologized for the incident and placed the university's police chief on administrative leave. (

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