MnSCU official won't elaborate on reaction to U transfer decision

After changing his tune to the news media on the University of Minnesota's cutback in transfer students, MnSCU's interim academic and student affairs chief Larry Litecky turned down my request yesterday to explain why.

MnSCU spokeswoman Melinda Voss said he had "no time" this week to discuss his change of views, and essentially repeated what she told me yesterday: Litecky became concerned about the U's decision after talking to Bob McMaster, the U's dean of undergraduate education, listening to others' opinions and getting "the full picture."

Fair enough. But I'd pretty much asked him about that picture  -- fewer transfer students, less access, questions over U-MnSCU collaboration -- when I talked to him earlier this month.

So why the change? Had some new factor entered the picture that we don't know about?

Voss said no.

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