Some unusual St. Olaf College student organizations

Students kept telling me yesterday how many clubs St. Olaf has -- to the point where some get overwhelmed with juggling their academic and extracurricular lives.

Below are just a few that I don't remember seeing when I was in college -- and neither did Carolina Astrain, our newsroom coordinator, who is a 2010 graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia.

I just love the first one.


  • David Anderson Club: "The purpose of the David Anderson Club is to bring together the David Andersons of St. Olaf. The David Andersons meet several times each semester to discuss all things David Anderson-related."

  • Inner Truth: "Inspire, move and enlighten St. Olaf community to explore the philosophy of happiness."

  • Dream Box: "We teach people to do things. Our organization offers one-on-one lessons and group instruction in a variety of activities and art forms, focusing especially on music art lessons. We help people to do things. We assist St. Olaf students by providing financial support for the creative projects they want to do."

  • The Runestones: "The Runestones is a come-when-you-can, just for fun student group of accordion players. We play mostly Nordic tunes, but you never know what well do next. Think fusion. If you've never heard Cajun Norwegian or Country Western Danish, you are missing something. Most of us are beginners and all of us are learners. Beginners are heartily welcome! Faculty and staff members are welcome to join us. We have a limited number of accordions to lend first-comers."

Click here for the full list.

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