Notes in the Margins: Lobbying, demoralized grads and the bottom third

Do teachers really come from the ‘bottom third’ of college graduates? Despite the ubiquity of the “bottom third” and similar arguments, it’s unclear how many of those who offer them know what specifically they refer to (e.g., GPA, SAT/ACT, college rank, etc.). This is especially important since so many of these measurable characteristics are not associated with future test-based effectivenessin the classroom, while those that are are only modestly so. (The Washington Post)

For-Profit College Rules Scaled Back After Lobbying A ferocious pushback led Education Department and White House officials to relax an effort to cut off the huge flow of federal financial aid to unfit educational programs. (The New York Times)

U.S. Universities Feast on Federal Student Aid Any serious policy reform has to start by considering a heretical idea: Federal subsidies intended to make college more affordable may have encouraged rapidly rising tuitions. (Bloomberg)

27 percent of college students say they have been cyber-bullied Part of this upward trend has to do with high school students who continue their behavior in college. (USA Today)

Help Graduates Find Their Footing A surprising number of senior managers have always championed the hiring of young people. These managers realize that while irreverent newcomers might create chaos in quiet offices, they also bring fresh ideas. But recently, I have heard some of these managers grumble that painful job hunts have sapped young people of their daring, creativity and willingness to challenge old procedures. (The New York Times)

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