Notes in the Margins: Suicide threats, gap year and Yiddish comeback

Colleges And Suicide Threats: When To Call Home? Some mental health professionals say threats to safety increasingly take precedence over preserving confidentiality for college students. They emphasize that in many cases, involving parents is not only right, but helpful. (Huffington Post)

As Jan. 1 Application Deadline Nears, an Argument for a Yearlong Breather As the cultural significance that Americans attach to the college admissions process gets ratcheted up year after year, it can frequently seem as if where we go to college has become more important than what we actually do with the opportunity once we get there. (The New York Times)

Oy vey! Yiddish making a comeback at colleges Universities are working to bring the language back, and with it, an appreciation for the rich history of European Jewish culture and art. (

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