Bell Museum artwork looking for a few good photos


"Brighton Beach, Duluth, MN, December 6, 2010" by Emily Rose (All images courtesy of Bell Museum)

Areca Roe believes everyone has a different view of the midwestern winter, and as artist in residence at the Bell Museum of Natural History at the U of M she's hoping people will share their images for a new artwork.

Over the next three months or so Roe will use photographs submitted by the public to create an installation called "Freeze Frame."

"I'm not sure exactly what's going to come out of it," she said. "It's going to be partly in response to the photos that we get."


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Aeolian Pattern #16. Minneapolis, MN, December 12, 2010 by Mark Ryan

Pictures are already flowing into the project's website and those which meet the project's terms and conditions are posted on the project's photostream.

One thing Roe does know is she plans to use items from the museums extensive specimen collections.

"Taxidermied animals, and bones and feathers and things like that," she said. "So I am hoping to incorporate that somehow into the final show."

Roe intends to create something representative of the midwestern winter experience, but deliberately has left things vague so photographers submitting material can make their own interpretations.

"It can be anything from landscapes, to detail shots of snow, or even people interacting with snow and ice," she said.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 2011 by Mark Farrell

Photographers can submit up to one picture a day through March 20th. "So you could submit hundreds of photos, possibly," she says.

Roe will begin work much earlier however with the first phase of the project due to be unveiled on January 21st. The project will expand from there with completion due to be celebrated at an event on April 13th.