What a MN higher-ed consultant says about the liberal arts

Higher-education marketing executive John Lawlor of The Lawlor Group in Eden Prairie gives one reason colleges need to better explain the need for a liberal-arts education:

Most people have a vague understanding of what “liberal arts” means, in the sense of well rounded, broad-based, etc. But some people are at the extreme of thinking it’s an education that is “arts” focused or an education with a “liberal” political bent. And even though the “liberal arts” includes sciences, many people don’t know this—good reason to be intentional about saying “liberal arts and sciences.”

Add to this the fact that most people who attended college did not attend a liberal arts institution, or perhaps never attended college at all. The result is that when we are thinking about the content for our integrated marketing communication strategies, we need to have the right context for communicating the content in a manner that is easily understood.

Read more of what he has to say on the subject, which he spoke about as a recent panelist at a Council of Independent Colleges' Presidents Institute.

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