Nursing home staff re-trained after resident's wound is infested by maggots

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A Plymouth nursing home had to re-train its staff in wound care after a male resident was found to have wounds on his feet that were infested with maggots.

The Minnesota Department of Health's Office of Health Facility Complaints in October investigated the incident at Mission Nursing Home in Plymouth, according to a report made public this week.

A Health Department investigator found that even though an aide had reported a blister to the nurse at the beginning of September, nurses at the facility did not follow up with treatment. Six days later, another aide noticed two open wounds on the resident's foot and saw maggots in both wounds, according to the report. The maggots were also in the resident's sock and shoe, the report said.

The resident has diabetes and does not have feeling in his feet because of diabetic neuropathy, the report said. The report does not name the nursing home resident nor the staff involved.

After the wounds were found, the resident was hospitalized for over a week with cellulitis of the foot.

In response to the incident, the nursing home re-trained all nursing staff on wound management and skin assessment policies and procedures, the Health Department said.

Officials said the re-training effort meant the Health Department didn't need to issue any citations.