The burden of diabetes, the hope for a cure

Insulin pump peek
Duncan Stevens, 4, peeks at his insulin pump.
MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

The worldwide diabetes epidemic is taking a huge toll in Minnesota. One-third of all adults in the state either have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, with blood glucose levels that are higher than normal.

This week, MPR News has been running a series about the effects of diabetes on our state and the potential for a cure. As part of our coverage, Midmorning invited researchers from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic to join Marianne Combs to discuss the scope of the disease, it's impact, and the most promising avenues of research. Her guests are Dr. Elizabeth Seaquist, the director of the Center for Diabetes Research at the University of Minnesota, and Dr. Robert Rizza, endocrinologist, diabetes researcher, and executive dean for research at the Mayo.

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