Notes in the Margins: Grade tampering, hiring and what a scientist looks like

This is What a Scientist Looks Like Change the perception of who and what a scientist is or isn't. (

Will Tuition Hikes Affect College Applications? When the House of Commons approved a bill allowing universities to increase undergraduate tuition in England to more than $14,000 a year, the effect was reflected in an overall drop of 8.7 percent in the number of applicants - the steepest decline since records began. Until now, colleges and universities in the U.S. have seemed immune to similar pushback. (Education Week)

Research and conservative casting There is currently a lively debate in Germany about the potentially dubious impact of applying for research funding through committees. One cynic summed this up as "having to go through a casting process to get money." (Times Higher Education)

Remaking Academia: Improve the Hiring Process The higher-ed hiring process has long puzzled me for what it omits. And as I listen to heated discussions of ineffective professors and teachers, and watch the advent of a strong debate from K-20 over using metrics to decide who to fire, I have to wonder: why can’t we start instead by using data and standard human resources practices to improve our effectiveness at hiring? (Program Education Center)

Santa Clara University, FBI Probe Grades Tampering Santa Clara University and the FBI are investigating who may have hacked into the university's computer system and changed some undergraduate students' grades. (The Huffington Post)

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