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Brian Cox's 'Quantum Universe'

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Dr. Brian Cox
Photo courtesy of Vincent Connare

Brian Cox has gone from concert halls to the laboratory, and now the British physicist is working on the world's largest particle collider. His new book is "The Quantum Universe," co-written with Jeff Forshaw.

Cox and Forshaw try to make the world of quantum mechanics accessible and fascinating to everyone.   "The aim of particle physics is to understand what everything's made of, and how everything sticks together," Cox said during a TED Talk. "By everything I mean me and you, the Earth, the Sun, the 100 billion suns in our galaxy and the 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Absolutely everything."

Cox and Forshaw also co-wrote "Why Does E=mc2?"

"If people don't have an understanding of what science is and what scientists do, then they can tend to think that global warming, for example, is just a matter of opinion," Cox said in Seed Magazine.