Art Hounds: The Hebrew Lesson, White Noise, and the story songs of Moors and McCumber

"Preservationist" by Cody Kiser

This week's hounds were captured by a one-woman show about her first trip to Israel, a collection of paintings which take the viewer on an ethnic grocery store adventure, and a folk duo which favors storytelling over confessional songs.

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Betty Tisel, information director for "Minnesota Community Sings," is still processing "The Hebrew Lesson." Esther Ouray's one-woman-show at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul is about what Ouray encountered on her first trip to Israel to spread the ashes of her father. Betty says the performance, which is structured like an actual Hebrew lesson, engages nearly every one of the senses, especially within the confines of the incredibly intimate Dreamland Arts theater. Through Saturday, March 10.

If perusing the products in the ethnic food aisle of Lund's is the primary way you embrace other cultures, local visual artist William Hessian would like to gently nudge you in the direction of "White Noise." William says Cody Kiser's collection of colorful paintings gives a close-up view what's on the shelves in ethnic grocery stores around the Twin Cities. "White Noise" is at Hang It, Inc. Gallery 122 in Minneapolis through April 28. Opening reception is Friday, March 9, 7-10pm.

On their website, the folk duo Moors and McCumber describe their music as "songs full of rich harmonies that take you places," and Mother Banjo can testify to that. Singer songwriter Ellen Stanley, whose stage name is "Mother Banjo," saw the pair perform at a Memphis folk conference a few weeks ago. Ellen, who also works for Red House Records in St. Paul, was taken with the group's ability to weave tales with rich characters, and craft songs with memorable melodies. Moors and McCumber is playing Thursday, Mar. 8, at Ginkgo Coffeehouse in St. Paul, along with Ellis. For more Art Hounds' recommendations, check us out on Facebook and Twitter. And you can get an early sneak peek at the Art Hounds' picks every week by texting the word ART to 677-677. Art Hounds is powered by the Public Insight Network.

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