Notes in the Margins: Public syllabi, social media and Advanced Placement

Why do administrators want to cut some college costs and not others? Let the people most affected by the cost savings decide where to spend the additional revenue themselves. (More or Less Bunk)

Business leaders mixed about hiring graduates from for-profit schools Business leaders are often divided, with some firm believers that some for-profit schools provide fully trained and quality workers, while others wouldn't even consider such a job candidate. (Daily Herald)

If Twitter Is a Work Necessity For midcareer executives, particularly in the media and related industries, knowing how to use Twitter and other social media sites are among the digital skills that some employers expect. To help bridge the gap, major universities, community colleges and online educational businesses offer continuing education classes in digital media. (The New York Times)

Lawsuit may determine status of course syllabi at UW schools as public or exempt The National Council on Teacher Quality sued the UW System earlier this year for refusing to hand over syllabi for UW's schools of education. The Washington, D.C.-based group, wants to use the information to review the quality of teachers colleges. It is working with U.S. News and World Report to eventually publish the findings. (Wisconsin State Journal via University Business)

AP takes step toward International Baccalaureate-like credential In the last few years AP has been changing its focus and exams, particularly in the sciences, to become deeper and more flexible, like International Baccalaureate. (The Washington Post)

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