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How welcoming is Minnesota to newcomers?

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From left, Nicky Stein-Grohs, Meredith Westin, Laura Hovi, Kate Tischy, and Emily Finley share stories at a League of Extraordinary Women gathering in Minneapolis, Minn. March 6, 2012. The group of women get together once a month.
MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

MPR News reporter Laura Yuen debuts the first part of her series examining what it means to be a newcomer in Minnesota. In the series, she speaks with transplants from other U.S. cities as well as immigrants. Yuen also looks at how communities react to newcomers including companies, social groups and neighborhoods. 

How welcoming is Minnesota? Yuen will join Welcome Matters founder Melanie Allen and University of Minnesota Associate Chair of Sociology Douglas Hartmann to discuss transplants to the state.

The full series: The Outsiders: Is "Minnesota Nice" to Newcomers?