Is it me, is it a scam, or this student-debt plea tacky?

Remember the story of Kelli Space, the recent college grad who set up a Web site where people could donate money to help her pay down her $200,000 in student loans?

I just got this spam over the weekend. Its sender's name is listed as Raquel Castillo-Hernandez, and she's asking me to donate money so she and four of her peers can pay off $500,000 in debt.

No mention of her (or her peers') major, job situation, debt breakdown, or anything else of substance. All I could find is that the different contributions would earn the donor varying levels of PR coaching or media planning.

Not sure how valuable that will be, considering her e-mail greeting to me was "Dear"

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So far she has raised $25 from an anonymous donor.

Just letting you know what's out there.