Mary Bly on 'Paris in Love,' living a parallel life

'Paris in Love' by Eloisa James
'Paris in Love' by Eloisa James
Book cover courtesy of publisher

Mary Bly, English professor at Fordham with degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Yale, lives a second life: She's also a romance novelist. Her latest book "Paris in Love" under pseudonym Eloisa James, documents her family's life in Paris.

Maria Rodale reviewed the book for The Huffington Post:

"Come on, we've all fantasized about it: packing up, leaving the continent and flying off to a new land for a fresh start. So when someone does it, it's cause for observation. As two professors in real life, the couple's tenure actually made it possible for them to escape without ditching everything. And even though the seed of the idea started with a bout of breast cancer, it's not a tale of drama and woe. As a romance author, James has included plenty of happy endings here, however, it's more a tale of what happens after the romance novel usually ends (with 'I do')."

Bly will join The Daily Circuit Tuesday to discuss her latest book.

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