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Parole denied to officer's killer

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A man convicted of killing a police officer in 1985 was denied parole in a hearing Monday.

Ronald Schneider was convicted of killing Robbinsdale Police Officer John Scanlon after Scanlon responded to a burglary.

Minnesota Department of Corrections spokesperson John Schadl said that Commissioner Tom Roy met with Schneider and the victim's family members before the hearing.  

Schneider's next parole hearing will be in five years. 

"The commissioner did instruct Mr. Schneider to use these five years to his benefit and avail himself of programming offered by the DOC," Schadl said. "Programming that we offer that might help somebody in an instance like this would be educational  programming, we also have programming that helps them understand the impact that they've had on victims."

Schneider's parole was opposed by the director of the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association and other state law enforcement officials.