Nada Bakri on husband Anthony Shadid's death in Syria

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Nada Bakri and Anthony Shadid
Nada Bakri and her husband Anthony Shadid near his ancestral home in Lebanon. Shadid suffered an asthma attack and died in Syria in February 2012.
Photo courtesy of Nada Bakri

Anthony Shadid, foreign correspondent and the author of "House of Stone," died in Syria this February. His widow, New York Times journalist Nada Bakri, joins The Daily Circuit Tuesday to talk about the loss of her husband and their time as journalists in the Middle East.

Bakri appeared on Erin Burnett's CNN show "Outfront" last month and talked about her husband.

From the Huffington Post:

Bakri described her husband's life as "unfinished." She said her husband had "so much more to give, to do," and that said she "will never understand."

Bakri choked on her words when asked if she will continue to report on the Middle East. "It's a hard question," she said while fighting back tears. "I don't know...I'm still trying to understand what happened...It's going to take a lot of time...I feel like I'm a little mad at journalism."