Recent college grads face underemployment, debt

2009 graduate
A 2009 graduate from the University of Minnesota.
MPR Photo/Tim Post

The classes of 2006-2011 continue to face underemployment and overwhelming debt, according to a Rutgers University study released last week on workforce trends.

Chaley Stone, a lead researcher on the study, says that debt is now part of the college experience and that it affects job and career decision graduates make. Many graduates are also wishing they would've picked a different major with more job-ready skills.

From the report:

Many graduates, nearly two-thirds, reported that they would have done something differently in college if they had to do it over. Almost 4 in 10 said they would have been more careful when selecting their major. When asked which major they would have chosen instead, 40% of the sample said they would have chosen a professional major, like education, nursing, or social work.

Stone will join The Daily Circuit to talk about the study and what this means for recent college graduates. Catherine Mann, professor of global finance at Brandeis University, will also join the discussion.

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