Sabo bridge in Mpls. reopens

Bridge cable failure closes light rail tracks
The Martin Olav Sabo Bridge is shown Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012, in Minneapolis, shortly after it was closed to traffic because two support cables came loose. The bridge was reopened to traffic Friday, June 1, 2012.
MPR Photo/Alex Kolyer

The Martin Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge in Minneapolis reopened today, after repairs were completed to two support cables that had broken loose in February.

A second set of cables has also been removed, because engineers discovered the metal plates connecting them to the bridge were also damaged.

The two sets of cables have not been reattached, but temporary supports have made it safe to use again, according to Minneapolis Public Works Director Steve Kotke.

"So if you drive past the bridge today, you can see it looks like scaffolding underneath the bridge that is supporting it in key positions to make sure that the bridge is stable and secure," he said.

Kotke said the city won't devise a permanent fix for the bridge until it has determined why the cables failed. He expects a report from an outside consulting firm to answer that question in the next few weeks.

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